Following in his mama’s footsteps…Or maybe I am following in his…

This is my boy speaking out against bullying and for himself and others with Asperger’s and Autism Spectrum Disorders.  I am so stinking proud of him!!!


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I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, granddaughter, neice, friend, confidant and I am ready to speak my mind.

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  1. Lucky, what an appropriate name you have. What a precious little lad you have there. Can you let him know I wrote almost my entire book on paper. I’t is so much mor personal that way and good on him talking out like he did. I think my fear would not have allowed me to do that.


    • Thank you Seth! And of course I will let him know. That is awesome.

      You know, before he was ever diagnosed, we knew he was wonderfully special. In first grade he would draw these animals. REALLY cute little animals too. Then, he would draw over them. His teachers could not understand why he would do such a great little drawing and then scribble over it.

      When asked, he said “Well the animals have to be in their cages, don’t they?” Made perfect sense to him to draw the cage overtop of the animals.

  2. What a well-spoken young gentleman you have :)xx

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