Shouldn’t you believe….just in case??

This is a post that I posted today on my other blog.  I am not in the habit of double posting, however I do believe that this was one that I wanted to have available for the people that are looking at this blog too.  This is something that I feel strongly about.  This post does not have anything to do with rape or sexual assault.  It does have to do with faith and differing religious paths.

I am not going to make any friends with the Conservative Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist community with this post.  But, that is ok.  I am not a fan of fundies anyway.

The title of this post is actually something that has been said to me, not only by my mother but also by my sister.  The problem that I have with this well meaning statement is this:  If you are only believing “just in case” are you truly believing?  If you are living your life as a good person, should it matter if you prescribe to this religion or that so long as you are living right and you believe what YOU truly believe?  Does it do anyone good to have “just in case” believers?  I think that this is where a lot of the hypocrisy I have seen from “Believers” comes in.  I think that these people that believe just in case work extra hard to look like they are believing and they become fanatical or they preach it and do not live it.  These are just my thoughts. 

I personally do not follow the Christian faith.  I follow the ancient Celtic path.  I believe freely in the Great Mother, the All Father and the Summerland.  This belief is not “just in case” but is a true faith and belief.  This seems to be more good to me than pretending to worship Yahweh “just in case”.



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  1. I agree. Such people are not sincere, they are trying to cheat.

    If the Christian, Biblical God truly exists, He will see through such people on their judgment day.

  2. I’ve never quite understood belief by choice. One cannot choose to believe something. One either believes it or not. You can certainly take more time to learn, and through learning may believe, but I’ve given Christianity way more time than it deserves and have never believed. There are some wonderful, giving, caring people out there. Some just happen to be Christians.

  3. I think that whatever god, godess or creature is out there watching over us – IF there even is anyone… will understand when the time comes, that not all of us are capable of being “true believers” and whatnot. Of course, that is going on the expectation that whomever that great being is, they are a benign entity and not pure evil…

  4. chasingimagination

    Its called the Pascal’s wager but there are so many Gods who say the Christian faith is the right one. I personally don’t believe in a God. What i think is most important, is that whatever we do, it should make us happy.

  5. Believing “just in case” is a silly notion and not at all indicative of faith. I don’t agree that the Christian God is a God of vengeance or that he wants the world to himself (else why make man at all?) – but I certainly believe that there are a lot of Christians who would make others believe as such and am saddened by them.

    Btw – looking forward to a you getting back on track with more positive posts – Remember that your story is one of survival and people look up to you for strength 🙂

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