Irritation beyond reason….

Now I will preface that this does not have anything to do with sexual assault or rape.  I will however say that this post has to do with the way that some men see women.

I work in a field that is predominantly male.  I work for a company that manufactures child safety items and I work in the testing facility.  My job is a mix between  mechanic, safety technician, engineering assistant….basically I maintain my equipment, load up the tests and offer insight to the engineers.  It is a really cool job.  That being said, I also help take care of some of the administrative duties.  Twice now I have been cutting out cards for the drivers to use to report unscheduled down time.  Twice now some male has asked “What are you cutting out paper dolls?”  If it was a guy that was sitting doing this task, I seriously doubt that they would be asked that same question.  Seriously?  Paper dolls?  And one of the guys that did that was my boss’s boss.

I am not irritated enough to take it up the chain. I know that there are some stupid things that just don’t register that they are stupid even to the person saying them.

I will climb off of my soap box now.  Back to cutting out “paper dolls”…



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I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, granddaughter, neice, friend, confidant and I am ready to speak my mind.

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  1. sexism still abounds, the need some have to belittle you and devalue what you’re doing just because you’re a female in position

    a similar recent interaction:

    A customer who is a pastor who has been trying to get me to go to his church for several years one way or another came through and said that today’s sunny day didn’t matter, wasn’t worth enjoying, because it wouldn’t last, the weather would return to its wet pattern the very next day. I said, You should enjoy today because it won’t last, get in the sunshine while you still can. He said that was a foolish “girly” thing to say. What a sexist thing to say and, for that matter, what a depressing thing for a pastor to say. I was thinking some very smug things, from a bitchy atheist point of view, but did not express them.

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