Am I the only one out there that uses music as therapy sometimes?   What types of music help you out?  For me it has always been the song “Black” by Pearl Jam.  I know that it is a very sad song and it goes to a very dark place.  I don’t know why I find it so soothing, but I do.  I find it to put me in a place where I can cry and just let it out.  “Wish You Were Here” by Pink Floyd does the same.  There are many others….almost anything by Evanescence does this for me….especially “Hello” with its line “Don’t try to fix me, I’m not broken.  Hello, I’m your mind”.  I could post for days about music and not ever stop typing.  So tell me, dear readers, what music gets you through it?  What makes you feel better or puts you in a place to just cry and get it all out?


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  1. Black is one of my favourite ever songs…so beautifully written. I find Imogen Heap really soothing too, Speeding Cars and Hide and Seek are both gorgeous :)x

  2. I used music, especially as a teenager, to not feel alone, to let feelings out. The lyrics to songs weren’t necessarily relating, but the tone or music itself was. It sounded how I felt. I was big into metal and rock~the anger, the sadness. Staind and Tool are favorites. I have also found this in other songs or types of music, such as classical by Beethoven or Erik Satie.

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