Exactly what I find to be wrong with the world…..

In this post that I just finished reading, which was marked with the tag RAPE, I found nothing about surviving sexual assault or any real sexual assault at all.  I found someone posting about Incest and Rape without an actual crime of incest or rape.  The post was about how the baby boomer generation is screwing the youth out of their  fair share.  Seriously??  Here is the shortlink:


But I wouldn’t bother.  The text of my comment is:

“As a survivor of sexual assault I find it VERY offensive that you are tossing about the term rape so casually. Call things what they are. Yes it is unfair and unjust that the baby boomer generation is screwing the young…this does NOT make it ok to belittle such a horrendous word and make it so pedestrian and benign. You should be ashamed of yourself for using the word rape as you have. It is thinking and posting like your’s that has deadened societies reaction to actual sexual assault and made the word rape something that can be joked about. Shame on you.”

Now maybe this is me being way too sensitive about it.  My husband tells me I am too sensitive all the time.  But seriously!!!  We have to take this word back.  We have to show people that it is NOT ok to use this word flippantly.  It is not ok to say things like “I raped your page” when someone hacks into another person’s page.  It is not ok to say “Rape” as a way to communicate force other than sexual force used against someone against their will.  This kind of thing is what makes it so very hard for the real victims of real crimes to be taken seriously.  People think “Rape, eh that’s not so bad…at least you weren’t financially raped”  or things of that nature.  Come on people!  When are we, as a nation and as the human race going to realize just how serious this is???

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I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, granddaughter, neice, friend, confidant and I am ready to speak my mind.

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