So my social anxiety may have gotten the best of me….or maybe I was just not welcome….

Ok so here is what went down.  My husband and I split up for about a month earlier this year.  We are working on things and are stronger than ever…but there were some friends who were involved.  My friends and his friends.  Now most of the people who are his friends are people we work with.  He got invited to a birthday party and made it seem like we were both invited.  So I got off work, went home, did my hair, put on make up and got all dressed up.  We went but the party time changed so we went out to eat at an Indian restaurant.  It did not agree with him.  By the time we got to the bar he was really in bad shape.  So he headed towards the closest bathroom.  We were spotted and I didn’t want to be rude so while he went home, I went in and hung out until he could make it back.  Two hours later he made it back and we all hung out.  Then….they all wanted to leave to go back to the hotel room.  We were invited back with them.  It was fun and everyone was having a good time but I felt awkward.  Everyone was changing clothes and I did not know that it was that kind of party so I said that we would go back home and I would change clothes into something more comfortable and then we would be back.  I texted to see how many glasses were needed because there were not enough in the suite.  I was texted back that none were needed.  I asked if they even wanted me to come back and I was informed that they were all shit-faced and I was better off where I was.  I don’t have the birthday girl’s number.  She seemed to be the only one who really wanted me there.  Instead I got my feelings hurt and basically was told not to bother coming back.  Now maybe this is me being a little overly sensitive.  But seriously.  If you were going to be like that, why would you not just make an excuse before I left and came home and was getting ready to head back out there door.  WTF??  I am sorry but this is just not the way you treat someone that you want to be friends with.  So my only conclusion can be that they don’t really want to be friends with me.  Do you think that I am wrong?


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I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, granddaughter, neice, friend, confidant and I am ready to speak my mind.

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  1. No i dont think ur wrong, It definitely sounds lyke they didnt want you to come back but they made up some bullshit excuse as to why not. But the bright side is that if they don’t want you to come back then at least you know they aren’t your kind of people…..It think its childish to not be upfront but people lie to cover their own rudeness…which usually makes things worse, all in all, be friends with the birthday girl and forget about the rest of the noobs

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