Ok so I was talking to my husband and he suggested the topic of nightmares.  This topic is important because even when we think that we are over something, have moved on, our subconscious mind will let us know the truth.  There have been nights when I have woken up screaming in the middle of the night.  There have been nights I have woken up crying.  There have been nights where I could not go to sleep because the images in my mind were so horrible that I knew if I fell asleep they would be waiting to play out for me. 

So why does this happen?  Why do we relive these events so vividly in our dreams?  Why does our mind make them even more scary and horrifying than they were in real life?  Why can’t we just “get over it”.  I really wish that there was a good answer to that one.  If you have a good answer and cure, please let me know.  So far not even the most potent of relaxing techniques and charms have been able to stop it. 

The most potent of protections has not been able to rid me of the demons.  Maybe someday….

About wtfhappenedtomyreallife

I am a wife, mother, daughter, sister, cousin, granddaughter, neice, friend, confidant and I am ready to speak my mind.

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